Printing issue cards

Whether you're planning work or working on issues for Scrum or Kanban projects, it may also be good to print out these issue cards. You and your team can use the printed cards on a physical board, which can replicate your board on Jira Software. If you want to, you can print a single issue card or multiple issue cards. You can also print all issue cards in your current board.

The printed issue cards include the following issue details:

  • Summary
  • Issue type
  • Issue key
  • Issue priority
  • Estimate
  • Assignee
  • Epic (optional in Active sprints/Kanban board)
  • Version (when printing from the backlog)
  • Up to 3 extra fields, depending on your card layout configuration

The printed issue cards fit on A4-, A3-, or Letter-sized pages in both portrait and landscape modes.

To print an issue card:

  1. Navigate to your desired board.
  2. Right-click the issue that you want to print, and then select Print selected card. The Print window will appear.
  3. From the Card size menu on the print preview page, select the card size for printing.
  4. Select Print button and configure printing options in your web browser.
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  • You can print multiple issues from a column on the current board. To do this, hold down the Shift key and select the cards you want to print. Then, right-click one of the selected cards and select Print selected cards.
  • To print all issues in the backlog or on the current board, in the upper-right corner of the screen select Board > Print cards.
  • When printing from a Scrum backlog, you can filter the cards for printing by selecting the backlog or a sprint from the Select menu on the print preview page.
  • If you want to print only a subset of the issues in the backlog or on the current board, configure a quick filter to control which issues should appear.

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Last modified on Mar 16, 2023

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