How to update the URL for an application link

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There are times where you'll need to update an Application Link in Jira to use a different Application URL and Display URL without re-creating that link.

Generally speaking, you should not need to re-create the application links unless a specific problem prevents you from using the application links interface.


If you have issues editing the link on the UI, you have two alternatives:

  • You can remove and re-create all of them; Or
  • You can edit them through the database.

    SELECT, PS.propertyvalue, PE.propertytype, PE.property_key FROM propertystring AS PS
    INNER JOIN propertyentry AS PE
    ON = WHERE PS.propertyvalue LIKE '%<Insert your remote application url here>%' AND PE.property_key LIKE '%app%';

    For example, your remote application's url is : http://localhost:8090/confluence, then insert the value http://localhost:8090/confluence for propertyvalue.


    Always back up your data before performing any modifications to the database. If possible, test any alter, insert, update, or delete SQL commands on a staging server first.

    (info) Please be sure to take a backup of your database before making any changes. We strongly recommend to try these changes in a staging environment before applying them in production.

Last modified on Jul 9, 2020

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