Marketplace apps for Jira that are available in cloud with migration paths

Server to cloud migrations: Atlassian Marketplace apps that are available in cloud with migration paths

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Information regarding Jira Marketplace apps with available cloud migration paths and Jira apps with cloud versions under development.

About this page

This page lists the Public Beta Jira Marketplace apps on server / Data Center that have built a migration path for customers to migrate their app data to cloud. As part of their migration path, these apps have provided documentation about:

  • feature differences between the server / Data Center and cloud app.

  • server / Data Center to cloud migration instructions.

Also outlined are Jira cloud apps under development, where Marketplace Partners have provided us with their public development plans. 

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  • This list may not accurately represent all Marketplace apps that currently have migration paths, or have provided documentation. If an app you have in server or Data Center is missing from this list, we recommend that you contact the Marketplace Partner directly to inquire about compatibility and / or steps to migrate data to cloud.
  • We cannot verify the accuracy of feature differences and migration instruction documentation, and the migration capability of each app as this relies on the respective Marketplace Partner.
  • See a similar list of Marketplace apps for Confluence with migration paths.
  • If you are a Marketplace Partner and your app is missing from this list, please use our Marketplace Migration REST APIs to surface app migration information which includes the following:
    • migration path compatibility with the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistants

    • URL for feature difference documentation

    • URL for migration path documentation

    • URL for cloud development roadmap

This information will also be surfaced to customers in the Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistants.
If you're experiencing an issue with our API's, please raise a ticket with Marketplace Partner support.

Jira apps with migration paths

App nameMarketplace Partner nameMigration PathwayFeature Differences*App version with migrated pathway
ActionableAgile - Kanban / Agile / Flow55 Degrees ABDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Agile Cards - Print Issues from JiraAppfireAutomatedNil4.6.0
Agile Poker for Jira - Planning & EstimaAppfireAutomatedDifferences5.5.5
Agile Retrospectives for JiraEncora Nearshore, LLC.AutomatedDifferences1.13.0
Agile Velocity Chart GadgetBroken BuildDocumentedNilN/A
AIO Tests (All-In-One Test Management foNavarambh Software Pvt. Ltd.AutomatedNil3.0.2
Announcer for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences4.2.0
AssertThat-BDD & Cucumber for JiraAssertThatAutomatedDifferences1.7.2
Backbone Issue Sync for JiraK15tDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Balsamiq Wireframes for JiraBalsamiqDocumentedNilN/A
Bar Charts for JiraTNG Technology Consulting GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Better Excel Exporter for JiraMidori Global Consulting Kft.DocumentedDifferencesN/A
Better PDF Exporter for JiraMidori Global Consulting Kft.DocumentedDifferencesN/A
BigGantt - Gantt Chart for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences8.11.0
BigPicture EnterpriseAppfireDocumentedDifferencesN/A
BigPicture - Project Management & PPMAppfireAutomatedDifferences8.11.0
BigTemplate - Export to PDF, Word, ExcelAppfireDocumentedNilN/A
Calculated and other custom fields(JBCF)JiBrokAutomatedDifferences1.0.0
Calendar for JiraDoitbAutomatedNil3.9.0-jira7
Canned Responses Pro Templates for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences2.8.0
Capacity TrackerInprowiser EngineeringAutomatedDifferences1.0.38
Capture for JiraSmartBearAutomatedDifferences3.1.0.31000119
Chat for Jira Service ManagementAppfireAutomatedDifferences1.9.0
Checklist for JiraHeroCodersDocumentedNilN/A
Clone Plus for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences6.9.0
Column Order Gadget Plugincelix Solutions GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Company Calendar Planner for JiraBrizoITAutomatedNil5.7.3
Connector for Salesforce & JiraServiceRocketAutomatedNil1.5.0
Create on Transition for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences7.6.0
Custom Charts for Jira Reports and JiraOld Street SolutionsDocumentedNilN/A
Custom Content for JiraTNG Technology Consulting GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Delegated Project Creator for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences4.4.0 Diagrams for Jira//SEIBERT/MEDIA - Draw.ioDocumentedNilN/A
Duplicate Epicij-solutionsDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Easy Agile Programs for Jira - (PI PlannEasy AgileAutomatedNil3.5.0
Easy Agile Roadmaps for JiraEasy AgileAutomatedDifferences4.3.0
Easy Agile TeamRhythm (formerly User StoEasy AgileAutomatedDifferences7.4.0
eazyBI Reports and Charts for JiraeazyBIDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Electronic SignaturesAppfireAutomatedDifferences1.4.8
Elements Connect - external data fieldsElementsDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Elements Copy & Sync - clone Jira issuesElementsDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Email This IssueMETA-INF KFTAutomatedDifferences9.3.2-GA
Enhancer Plugin for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences6.20.0
Enterprise Mail Handler for Jira (JEMH)The Plugin PeopleDocumentedNilN/A
Epic Cloneij-solutionsDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Epic Sum Up - FreeAPTIS GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Epic Sum Up - Lean Project Management foAPTIS GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Excel Connector for JiraTransition Technologies PSCDocumentedNilN/A
Excel-like Issue Editor for Jira - EmbedRicksoft, Inc.DocumentedDifferencesN/A
Exporter- Export Issues to Excel CSV PDFDEISERAutomatedDifferences2.0.0
Extension for Jira Service ManagementDevinitiDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Gantt-Chart for JiraFrank PolscheitDocumentedNilN/A
Gantt Suite for JiraBrizoITAutomatedNil2.1.30
Git Integration for JiraGitKrakenDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Glass Project Documentation for JiraMETA-INF KFTAutomatedNil3.0.0
Glass Project Information for JiraMETA-INF KFTAutomatedNil3.0.1
Gliffy Diagrams for JiraGliffyAutomatedNil6.2.2
Golive | Environment Management HubApwideAutomatedDifferences9.5.0
Google Sheets IntegrationMobilityStream, LLCDocumentedNilN/A
Great Gadgets for Jira ServerStonikByteDocumentedNilN/A
Group Sign-Off: parallel Multi-ApprovalsFrank PolscheitDocumentedNilN/A
InVision for JiraInVisionDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Issue History Collector - See HistoryAppfireAutomatedDifferences2.0.0-jira8
Issue RemindersThe StarwareDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Issue Templates for JiraDevinitiDocumentedNilN/A
Jenkins Integration for JiraMarvelutionAutomatedDifferences4.6.0
Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)AppfireDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Jira Integration: qTest EnterpriseTricentis USA Corp.DocumentedNilN/A
Jira Misc Workflow Extensions (JMWE)AppfireAutomatedDifferences7.2.0
Jira Workflow ToolboxDecadis AGDocumentedDifferencesN/A
JQL Search Extensions for Jira - the JQLAppfireDocumentedDifferencesN/A
JQL Tricks PluginJ-TricksAutomatedDifferences8.0
JSU Automation Suite for Jira WorkflowsAppfireAutomatedDifferences2.32.0
Manage Custom Fields for JiraAvisi B.V.AutomatedDifferences1.5.0
Microsoft 365 for Jira - Outlook Email,yasoonAutomatedDifferences5.8.8
Microsoft Teams for Jira & JSM - Smart CyasoonAutomatedDifferences5.8.8
Mobility for Jira - mobile for enterprisMobilityStream, LLCDocumentedNilN/A
Multiple Checklists for JiraSolDeveloDocumentedNilN/A
Notification Assistant for Jira - EmailModus CreateAutomatedDifferences7.3.0
Optimizer for JiraAppFoxDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Outlook Email for JirayasoonAutomatedDifferences5.8.8
Outlook Meetings for JirayasoonAutomatedDifferences5.8.8
PagerDuty for Jira Server & Data CenterPagerDutyDocumentedNilN/A
Pivot ReportColinedAutomatedDifferences1.8.0
Planner by Tempo – Resource Planning & CTempo SoftwareAutomatedDifferences8.8.0
Planning Poker ®AppfireAutomatedNil3.0.30-SNAPSHOT
Portfolio Forecaster - Epic and Version55 Degrees ABAutomatedNil1.0.0
Power BI Connector for JiraAlpha ServeDocumentedNilN/A
Power Scripts - Jira Workflow AutomationAppfireDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Projectrak - Project Tracking for JiraDEISERAutomatedDifferences8.4.0
Queues for Jira Service ManagementDevinitiDocumentedDifferencesN/A
R4J - Requirements Management for Jiraease solutions Pte LtdDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Refined for Jira | Sites & ThemesRefinedDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Release Management & Roadmap -JiraRelease ManagementDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Repeating IssuescodedoersAutomatedDifferences3.13.3
Reports and Timesheets for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences6.1.14
Rich Filters for Jira DashboardsQotilabsAutomatedDifferences1.23.0
Risk RegisterProjectBalmAutomatedDifferences6.2.3
SAP Transport Integration for JiraREALTECH AGAutomatedDifferences2.0.0
ScriptRunner for JiraAdaptavistAutomatedDifferences6.36.0
Smart Attachments for JiraStiltsoft Europe OÜAutomatedDifferences1.5.0
Smart Checklist for Jira. ProRailsware Products Studio LLC.AutomatedDifferences6.0.0
Smart Jira Configuration (formely SmartEisonesoftAutomatedDifferences3.7.2
STAGIL Tables and Checklists for JiraSTAGILAutomatedDifferences2.6.1
Status Time FreeBloompeakAutomatedNil2.0.2
Status Time ReportsBloompeakAutomatedNil2.0.2
Structure by Tempo - Project Portfolio MTempo Software IncAutomatedDifferences7.4.0
Structure.Gantt by Tempo - Gantt ChartsTempo Software IncAutomatedDifferences3.5.0
Subtasks Navigation for JiraCloseIT s.r.o.AutomatedNil3.2.0
Surveys for Jira - Jira Customer SurveysAppfireAutomatedDifferences4.1.0-jira8
Tableau Connector for JiraAlpha ServeDocumentedNilN/A
Table Grid EditoriDalkoDocumentedDifferencesN/A
TeamCity Integration for JiraStiltsoft Europe OÜAutomatedDifferences1.6.5
Template (Epic) Cloner for JiraVilisoftDocumentedNilN/A
TestRail Integration for JiraGurock Software GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
TestRay - Requirements and Test ManagemeGoldfinger Holdings, Inc.AutomatedDifferences11.0.1
The SchedulerTransition Technologies PSCAutomatedNil6.5.0
Time in StatusOBSSDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Time in status | SLA | Timer | StopwatchJiBrokAutomatedDifferences1.0.0
Time Reports by TempoPrime Timesheet, s.r.oDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Timesheet Reports & Gadgets by TempoPrime Timesheet, s.r.oDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Timesheets by Tempo - Jira Time TrackingTempo SoftwareAutomatedDifferences11.8.0
Time to SLAAppfireAutomatedDifferences10.8.0
Timetracker - Time Tracking & ReportingEverit Kft.AutomatedDifferences4.8.8
Traffic-Lights for JiraFrank PolscheitDocumentedNilN/A
Update on Transition for JiraAppfireAutomatedDifferences4.6.0
UpRaise for Employee Success (with OKRs)Amoeboids Technologies Pvt LtdAutomatedNil5.8.1
User Profiles for JiraCommunardo Products GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
WBS Gantt-Chart - Enterprise Project ManRicksoft, Inc.AutomatedDifferences9.14.0.3
Workflow Enhancer for JiraTNG Technology Consulting GmbHDocumentedDifferencesN/A
Worklogs - Time Tracking and ReportsSolDeveloDocumentedNilN/A
Work Time Tracking Calendar for JiraBrizoITAutomatedNil5.7.3
Xporter - Export issues from JiraXblendAutomatedDifferences6.7.1
Xray Test Management for JiraXblendAutomatedDifferences4.3.0
zAgile Connector for Salesforce and JirazAgileDocumentedNilN/A
Zendesk Support for JiraZendeskDocumentedNilN/A
Zephyr Scale - Test Management for JiraSmartBearAutomatedDifferences9.10.0
Zephyr Squad - Test Management for JiraSmartBearAutomatedDifferences6.2.2.62209270

Jira apps with cloud versions under development

About this section

These apps are currently not compatible with our cloud products and have provided documentation on development plans. These roadmaps are developed and maintained by the Marketplace Partner and may be subject to change. Contact the Marketplace Partner directly for questions regarding their development plans.

Marketplace Partners may be working on cloud versions for Marketplace apps which are not included in this list. If you are a customer and would like to request a cloud version for a marketplace app, we recommend that you contact the Marketplace Partner directly.

If you are a Marketplace Partner, you can raise a ticket with Marketplace Partner support if:

  • you would like to submit your roadmap for inclusion

  • this list does not reflect that you have documentation which you’ve already provided. 

App nameMarketplace Partner namePublic development plansPlanned Migration Paths

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Last modified on Mar 19, 2024

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