How can I submit a purchase order (PO number) to Atlassian? Will you accept my PO terms?

Will you accept my PO terms?

Atlassian is happy to reference a PO number on a quote or invoice for your internal tracking and record keeping. However, we do not accept purchase orders as form of payment nor the terms and conditions commonly associated with purchase orders. We provide fully functional evaluation licenses for you to use while payment is being arranged. We are able to keep our prices low by offering a standard End User Agreement to all our customers and do not offer commercial credit.

Our payment terms are Net 0-day for all of our customers. We accept payment by bank transfer, mailed check, and credit card; full details are on the first page of a quote or invoice. Once full payment is received, we will issue the license keys and email the nominated billing and technical contacts.


Adding a PO number to a new Quote

  1. Create a new Quote via the the Atlassian Store (see this article for details)
  2. In the last screen, under payment details, check the Add PO number checkbox and type the number in the new text box.

Adding a PO number to an existing Quote

Log into your MyAtlassian account and go to the Orders tab
Look up the Quote/Order that you wish to modify, and click the Update PO # link next to it
In the dialog box, enter the PO number and click Save

You can download the updated Quote by clicking PDF (for a Quote/Invoice document) or Invoice (for a pro forma invoice).

The content of the documents will be the same, and the PO number will be included in both.





Last modified on Aug 1, 2016

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