Portal-only customers have a randomly-generated username

Hello Service Deskers,

As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes, we’ve been updating how we store customer information in Jira Service Desk. To protect customer privacy, these changes include replacing personally-identifiable usernames with randomly generated hashes in the format qm:<alphanumeric-hash>. Here's an example of a username in this format:

These usernames are only generated for portal-only customer accounts. Learn more about portal-only customer accounts.

Beginning last week, new portal-only customers have this randomly generated hash instead of a username that’s associated with their email address or display name. This is a temporary change while we finish our GDPR-related work. Until we're finished, you might see this random username in certain places:

  • User profiles
  • While editing some autocompleted fields, such as Approver. You'll see the display name after you save changes.
  • When you export issues, the Reporter field shows the username

We realize that while this format protects customer privacy, it's not ideal for readability. We're working to bring you a more user-friendly solution in the future.


The Jira Service Desk team

P.S. Check out the latest squashed bugs here.

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