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Adding Insight functions to workflows in Jira

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Conditions and validators allow you to add certain requirements on workflow transitions to make sure that your request can be transitioned only if these requirements are met. Insight introduces conditions and validators that are related to object attributes (for example, you'd allow a change request for a server only if it's not in production).

To view available conditions and validators:

  1. Open a workflow that you'd like to add the conditions or validators to.
  2. Select a transition. Conditions and validators are added to a transition rather than a workflow step.
  3. Select Conditions or Validators, then select Add.
  4. Select Insight Condition or Insight Validator.
  5. Select one of the available options. Learn more about them in the table below.

Available options

Here are the Insight conditions or validators that you can use:

Validate on object attributes



Allows to transition a request only if the related object's attributes meet this condition/validator's criteria. For example:

  • Allow change request only if the target server has enough licenses available
  • Allow change request only if the target server is not in production
  • Allow holiday request only if the user has enough remaining vacation days
  • Allow specific hardware request to be approved only if there's enough hardware models available
  • Allow only specific requests on server that have a sufficient SLA level

You'd build your queries here using IQL - Insight Query Language.

Run a Groovy script



Allows you to run a groovy script within the conditions/validator, which can be useful when you need some specific requirements met.

For more info about Groovy scripts and examples, see Groovy scripts.

Last modified on Feb 8, 2022

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