2. Create object types

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An object type groups objects that use the same kind of information, conveyed through their common attributes. Rather than a single PC, your object types would be Computers, Hardware, Software, Employees, and so on.

Create your first object type

To create the first object type:

  1. In your object schema, click Create.
  2. Call your object type Company Assets. You can choose an icon for it and enter a description.
  3. Set its parent to None. We'll make it an individual, stand-alone object type.

Here's what you should see:

  1. Object type: Your first object type, congratulations!
  2. Attributes: Default attributes (fields) created for your object type. We'll add some more in the next steps.
  3. Object type view: Here you can switch between viewing objects, attributes, and a graph for your selected object type.
  4. Object type actions: Here you can configure your object type, or create a new one.

To create another object type:

  1. Select the Object type drop-down at the top-right, and click Create.
  2. Call your object type Server Type.
  3. Set its parent to Company Assets. It will be the child object type.
  4. Select Object Type at the top-right, and again click Create

Create some more

Create more object types, like shown on the image below. The image also includes references, but we'll take care of them in the next step. Set the parent for all these object types to Company assets.

Parent object typeChild object types
Company assetsManufacturer
Server Type
Computer Type

Here's how your schema should look like after creating these object types. Hopefully you've picked better icons than we did:

Next up

When you're ready, go to 3. Add attributes.

Last modified on Dec 1, 2021

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