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You can configure object types to inherit attributes from their parent object types. This is useful if you need to create multiple object types, nested in one another, and want them to keep the same structure.

A good example for inheritance is an object type Host, with child objects Linux Host and Windows Host, which inherit common attributes, such as IP Address and Host name.

You won't be able to set the inheritance for an already existing structure of object types. You can only do it when creating a parent, and then child object types.

To enable inheritance of attributes:

  1. Create the first, parent object type.
  2. Select Object type > Configure.
  3. Select the Let the attributes be inherited by the subclasses checkbox. 
  4. Optionally, set this object type to Abstract to prevent creating any objects in it. This can be useful if you want the object type to exist only to pass on the attributes, without grouping any objects.
  5. Create child object types.

The inheritance will work on the grandchildren and their children and so forth.

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Last modified on Jan 30, 2021

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