Adding Assets custom fields to screens in Jira

You can have your objects displayed in Jira issues by adding Assets custom fields to Jira screens (just like you would with your usual Jira custom fields). This could be adding the affected business service to your incident issues, adding a computer to a hardware request issue, or adding a set of potentially affected hosts to a change request issue.


You can create Assets custom fields in Jira (Administration > Issues > Custom fields) like all other customer fields. Among the multiple custom fields available for Assets, we recommend using the Assets object and Assets referenced object (single and multiple) fields as they are highly customizable. Use Assets object for simple custom fields and Assets referenced object for complex custom fields (where the value of a custom fields depends on the value of another custom field). If you’re familiar with IQL, you can also use placeholders in the Filter issue scope (AQL) field of Assets object to create complex custom fields.

Creating Assets custom fields

You can create three types of custom fields: Default, Referenced, and Readonly.

Enabling access for customers

When you add Assets custom fields to Jira Service Management, you need to enable them for customer portals. Without these steps, customers won't be able to access these fields. Learn more about enabling Assets custom fields on customer portals

Last modified on Aug 29, 2023

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