Collecting customer satisfaction (CSAT) feedback

Measuring customer satisfaction can help you better understand your customers and improve service levels. 

Jira Service Management provides a simple, built-in mechanism to collect customer feedback. Key features include:

  • Simple customer workflow to provide feedback on resolved issues
  • Customer satisfaction scores are visible within resolved issues and on agent queues for resolved issues
  • Single-click to view customer satisfaction report for a service project
  • Easily create and view custom reports and trend graphs based on satisfaction scores.

Customer feedback data can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the service quality, engage and motivate the team to improve satisfaction scores, and provide mentoring and training where required.

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Enabling the customer satisfaction feature

This feature is enabled by default for new service projects; however, it must be enabled for each existing service project. To enable customer satisfaction settings for an existing project:

  1. Log in as a service project administrator.
  2. Select the service project you wish to configure.
  3. Select Project settings > Satisfaction settings .
  4. Enable Collect customer satisfaction feedback
  5. Optionally, edit the Question phrase to suit your environment. This phrase appears in the resolved issue notification message that customers see.

You can send satisfaction rating email notifications to your customers whenever a request is resolved. To do so, you need to enable the Request resolved rule:

  1. Go to Project settings > Customer notifications.
  2. Next to Request resolved select Edit.
  3. Select Enable, then select Save.

When you enable satisfaction settings for a service project and enable the Request resolved rule, the resolved issue notifications will contain a satisfaction rating scale. Customers can select the rating scale to indicate their level of satisfaction. A confirmation page is displayed on the customer portal, where they can change the rating, and optionally provide any additional comments that they would like to convey to the team.

Feedback form.

Viewing and reporting on customer feedback

Customer satisfaction scores and comments are displayed in the issue view for resolved issues. Agents can also view the satisfaction scores on their own recently resolved queues. 

Service project administrators and agents can view the default Satisfaction report, which displays the average customer satisfaction scores for the team. 

Default customer satisfaction report.

A service project administrator can also create and view custom reports analyzing satisfaction trends. Agents can also view any custom satisfaction reports created for their service projects.

Useful examples of custom reports include:

  • A trend graph of the average satisfaction rating for a specific period to view changes in service levels.
  • Satisfaction scores based on the type of service request. This would identify issues for which the team could provide knowledge articles. 
  • Satisfaction scores for an individual agent compared to team scores to help identify agents who would benefit from further training.

Last modified on Jun 1, 2022

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