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You need to create at least one print labels template before you can print labels for your objects. Templates are created for each object scheme separately.

To create a template:

  1. Open your object schema.
  2. At the top-right, select Object schema > Configure.
  3. Switch to the Label templates tab.

Template configuration

Here's the explanation for fields that you see when creating a new template or editing an existing one.

Responsive height

You can select this option to give your template responsive height, allowing it to expand to fit the content.


You can select this option to add a border to your template. Here's an example of a template with and without a border:


This editors allows you to create a customized template. It supports placeholders and images, and comes with some styling options. When you create a new template, the editor will already include a default template.

Viewing the source...

Source gives you the possibility to edit the html source for the template.

Adding placeholders...

You can use the Insert placeholders drop-down to add any of the attributes available for this object schema. One of the first attributes is "Attribute list" – when selected, it will add an additional configuration when printing a template, where you can select the attributes you want.

Some things to watch out for

  • Some attributes may be specific to certain object types. Using the same template for other object types will render the text as "No value" on the printed labels.
  • Additionally, if you have a language setting enabled for Assets, for example Spanish, the "No value" text will be printed as "Sin valor". Well, at least everybody will get it.

Adding images

You can also add images to your templates. This can be pretty much anything you need in your template – from QR codes to logos or icons. We've added some default images for you, so feel free to play around.

Printing labels and QR codes

Once you're ready with the template, you can try printing some labels. For more info, see Printing labels and QR codes.

Last modified on Sep 12, 2022

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