Merge A Different Local Branch and A Different Remote Branch Together

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This article is meant to guide users who wants to merge a remote branch and a local branch, whereby both the branches are different branches. Example, to merge a remote master branch and a local second branch.


For example, a user created a new branch in Bitbucket called "two", which is not cloned/pulled to the local repository. Then on remote, within the new branch "two", the user edited a same file which the local "master" branch also has.

The commit graph will then be updated after a refresh is done, or automatically after a while if the user selected the feature to "Check default remotes for updates every x minutes" is checked", stating that origin/two has changes being done on remote:


Then, if the user would want to merge the remote branch "two" to the local branch "master" - Make sure under the Branches tab, "master" is selected. Then, the user can just right click on origin/two, and choose the following:


And then, select the necessary details and click OK:


Now, the user's local "master" branch is now merged/updated with the changes made in remote branch "two"; changes in "master" is waiting to be pushed up to remote:


Last modified on Feb 26, 2016

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