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The Purchased Add-ons page has been disabled as of UPM 2.20.5. Read more

This page describes how to view the add-on licenses that are associated with a product instance. It describes how to query the Marketplace for licenses and install licensed add-ons.

About purchased add-ons

As an admin, you can purchase and install add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace inside your application. In some organizations, the person who approves purchasing software might not be the same person with admin privileges in the UPM. In this case, the purchaser might buy the add-on from the Marketplace directly, instead of within the admin console. 

The Purchased add-ons page helps bridge the gap between purchase and installation. It serves two primary functions for you as an admin: 

  • You can see if add-on licenses are installed in your application, and if the add-on is installed or not
  • You can check the Marketplace for additional add-ons that might be associated with your application, but not yet installed

The Purchased add-ons page provides a convenient place to install an add-on and retrieve and apply its license, all in one step.

Using the Purchased add-ons page

To use the features on the Purchased add-ons page, UPM must be connected to the Marketplace and the Atlassian application instance must have a valid Support Entitlement Number (SEN).This page doesn't apply to Atlassian applications or add-ons that have evaluation licenses. You'll need to enter the credentials associated with your Atlassian account.

To check add-on purchases for an application, follow these steps:

  1. As a system administrator, go to the Administration Console for your Atlassian application.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Purchased Add-ons.
  3. Click the Check for Purchases button.
    In the Atlassian account dialog, enter the credentials of the primary contact or the technical contact for the Atlassian account used to purchase the add-on. 

    Purchased add-onsThe list of add-on purchases associated with this instance appears.
  4. To install a licensed add-on from the page, click the Install button.

When you retrieve your licenses in the Purchased add-ons page, it returns only the licenses of add-ons that are compatible with the your current product instance. For example, if you're checking licenses from Confluence and you also have licenses for JIRA add-ons, those won't appear. The page may indicate if a license was found for an add-on that is incompatible with the current product version, and other error conditions. 

Last modified on Sep 11, 2018

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