Purchased Add-ons feature is unavailable

This Knowledge Base article was written specifically for the Atlassian Server platform. Due to the Functional differences in Atlassian Cloud, the contents of this article cannot be applied to Atlassian Cloud applications.


The Purchased Add-ons page from the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) is inaccessible. The "Purchased add-ons" side-bar navigation link is missing, and navigating directly to the URL at which the page was previously accessible displays the following message:



  • Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) 2.20.5+


The Atlassian Marketplace team learned that the Purchased Add-ons page was not functioning as designed.  The fix was non-trivial and the feature usage was minimal. After much internal discussion the Marketplace team decided to disable the Purchased Add-ons feature until otherwise notified. The feature is disabled as of UPM 2.20.5. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


There are two options for activating your add-on licenses in your product:

  1. Purchase an add-on from within UPM, as this is the most optimal flow and will result in the license being installed alongside the corresponding add-on. This flow requires the Atlassian product administrator to be the add-on license purchaser.
  2. All add-on licenses remain accessible on MyAtlassian. This is especially useful for cases where someone other than the Atlassian product administrator is the add-on license purchaser. We recommend that permitted users (billing or technical license contacts) access their licenses on MyAtlassian and then copy/paste them to their Atlassian product administrators for installation.
Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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