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If you're a current Server customer, that needs to upgrade to a temporary Server license before upgrading to Cloud or Data Center, this page will help you through the process. 

This Knowledge Base Article is valid for the following products:

See the above linked Supported platform pages for information on the database, Java, and operating systems you'll be able to use. These requirements are the same for Server and Data Center deployments.

Note that as of February 15, 2024 PT, your Server products will reach the end of support

We recognize the impact that critical vulnerabilities have on our customers, so if you are affected by one, please reach out to Atlassian Support for help with your mitigation efforts.

Things you should know about before changing to a temporary license

We only recommend this workaround if you plan to migrate to Cloud or Data Center in the next couple of months and need more time until you can do so.

There are two very important points that you must be aware of so you can decide if this workaround will help you:

  • After you apply the Evaluation license and upgrade your product, you will not be able to revert back to your original expired Server license.
  • (warning) After the temporary license expires, your server instance will become read-only.  This means you won’t be able to add or edit any data on your instance. (warning)

We encourage you to to review any third-party apps or integrations you are currently using to ensure that they are supported by the vendor for the upgraded server version.

To prevent disrupting your daily operations, we strongly recommend using a testing instance.

Upgrade Steps

1. Install the license

Depending on your product use the following steps to update the license of your instance 



  1. Go to Administration  > General Configuration
  2. From the sidebar select License details.

  3. Enter your Confluence license key. 


  1. Go to Administration () > Applications > Versions and licenses.
  2. Enter your Jira license key.


  1. Go to Administration > Licensing. to enter your license key


  1. In the upper-right corner of the screen, select
    Administration bamboo administration icon> Overview.
  2. In the sidebar, under System, select License details.
  3. Paste your new license into License key.
  4. Select Save new license.


  1. Go to Administration > Licensing. to enter your license key

2. Upgrade your application version by following the below Upgrade Guides

3. Continue your preparation to migrate to Cloud or Data Center

Need assistance migrating to Cloud or Data Center?

If you already have a Cloud or Data Center license and need help migrating to one of those platforms, please share your license details Support Entitlement Number for the target product on contacting  Atlassian Support . This will help us to ensure your ticket is being handled by the appropriate support team.

Looking to migrate all your Atlassian applications to Data Center?

Considering moving to Cloud?

Need more help to understand your migration options?

If you would like to learn more about your migration options and would like to speak with our sales team, please let us know. We will be happy to connect you with them.
Last modified on Feb 14, 2024

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