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We've created a series of troubleshooting and how-to guides to help customers setup, maintain and troubleshoot the databases used for their Atlassian Products. Because information varies between database vendors, we've broken these guides down by each vendor:

A few important things to note:

  • If you're making changes to a database, you should ensure you have a full backup before beginning. If possible, you should ensure you trial your modifications on a test instance first.
  • Database modifications have the potential to be dangerous - because they bypass any logic checking from the application UI. You can potentially break applications by inserting invalid data. We prefer to make changes through the application UI where possible; leaving database modifications as a last resort.
  • You should ensure that your database is supported by the current version of the application you're running; and that your database is setup in line with the requirements for your particular application.

Database Setup Guides per Product

Each application may have different requirements. Ensure that your database is setup correctly for the application involved:

Database requirements may change between versions. Ensure you select the version of the documentation for the version of your application.

Last modified on May 21, 2015

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