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This guide is for understanding how to configure user management in Atlassian Applications. System administrators planning a large scale deployment should refer to this guide to ensure their user management is as efficient as possible.

1. What are you trying to achieve?

These are the most common questions for administrators starting out with Atlassian applications

The User Management Goals guide answers the following:

  • Can I use other technologies for my user directories - Google Apps, OAuth Providers, SAML?
  • What are my options in Atlassian Cloud?
  • What are some common scenarios for user management?
2. Best Practices

When deploying Atlassian applications, user management is an important thing to consider. What works best will depend on your environment and goals.

The Best practices for integrating with large directories via LDAP guide includes answers to the following:

  • When should I turn on External User Management?
  • When should I use a Delegated Directory?
  • When should I use a connector?
  • When should I use JIRA for centralised User Management?
  • When should I use Crowd for centralised User Management?
3. How do I configure an LDAP server?

This section covers how to understand and correctly setup an LDAP directory in your Atlassian Applications.

The LDAP Configuration Guide includes answers to the following:

  • Understanding your directory structure
  • How strict should my base DN be?
  • When should I use a user or group filter?
  • Active Directory: When should I disable "Follow Referrals"?
  • Active Directory: How do I configure my directory to be writeable form my Atlassian Applications
4. What symptoms are you seeing?

These are common problems users report - and may be a sign your configuration is not optimal.

The Common User Management Problems page includes answers to the following:

  • I have too many users, or not enough users
  • Some (or all) users or groups aren't showing up in my application
5. Common Error Messages

This section covers common error messages, and how to fix the root cause of the problem.

The Common User Management Errors page includes solutions for the following errors

  • LDAP Error 49, 32, 34, and others
  • SSL Errors - PKIX Path Building Failed

Configuring your product

See the following guides for more information about configuring your product:


Bitbucket Server (Formerly Stash)



Fisheye / Crucible


HipChat Server

Last modified on Nov 2, 2018

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