Health Check: Lucene index files location

About the Health Check

The Lucene index files location health check verifies that your JIRA or Confluence application is not using a Network File System (NFS) mount for the Lucene index files. Indexing in Confluence and JIRA is handled by a third-party library called Lucene, and it does not support NFS mounts.


Using Lucene over a NFS mount will cause stability issues with the instance. Some of the more common symptoms are slow search speeds (as NFS mounts are typically slower than local) and running out of open files as detailed in the below KBs.

For more details about the Lucene restrictions, please refer to the IndexWriter Java documentation on file deletion.

Understanding the Results

What this means
Your lucene search index directory '<index_dir>' is mounted on '<network_mount_type>'.

The application is not using a NFS mount.

Your lucene search index directory '<index_dir>' is mounted on '<network_mount_type>'. You should migrate to a supported network mount.

The application is using a NFS mount, and should be migrated to a local mount.


Change the mounting location of the index dir such that it is not mounted over NFS. Only the index directory needs to be mounted locally, it's completely possible to have the application home mounted on NFS except for the lucene dir and this will be acceptable. This can be done with folder mount points.

Last modified on Feb 22, 2017

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