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If you check this option the Scan-Setting will be ignored by the execution.

Scan Interval

Choose the interval type when the configured setting should run (daily or weekly).

Next Scan Time/Date

Depending of the interval you can set the next time or date when the scan should run.

Disabled Pattern Files

This Button will open a dialog page where you can disable pattern files for that particular setting.

This can be used if you know that in that configured range pattern informations are useless.


Enter here the IP-Addresses of the Systems to discover,

there are a few modifiers for the IP's. All can be combined with the semicolon separator.

The following variations can be used:


Description IP of a Host system Name of a host given range of IP's from a subnet

All 254 IP's of the subnet

CIDR notation

[2001:0db8:85a3:08d3:1319:8a2e:0370:7344]Single ipv6 address



You can use textfile in the discovery root

the files can contain the previous described range types

and will be read on every execution time.

The following special modifiers are available for the described usage:








This modifier can be used to force a scan

if the ICMP Echo on a Host system is disabled.

This modifier can be used to change the default SSH or SNMP Port

if it is changed on a Host system.
 ! This modifier can be used to set IPs that should be ignore192.168.178.150-170! 

Combined Examples:

IP-Range Examples;;;;;;!;!;rangefoled\iprange1.txt;rangefolder\iprange2.txt

For ipv6 addresses it is actually only possible to use single addresses not ranges!

And you must user braces around the address!

Last modified on Sep 23, 2022

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