Set up Assets Discovery

To run and set up Assets Discovery:

  1. Extract the Discovery package on the system where you will run the tool. 
  2. Start a command prompt and move to the extracted Discovery folder.
  3. Run the command prompt with Administrator privileges. 

    This will be required to write into the destination folder if you choose "C:\Program Files" or it will be needed to install the Discovery tool as a service.

Start parameters

First you can display the available commands with "Discovery -?"



Without a start up parameter the Discovery tool will start a scan with all stored settings.
Discovery.exe -s
Open the Discovery tool settings.
Discovery.exe -r <ScanSettingID>
Run one configured setting.
Discovery.exe -r <ScanSettingID>;<ScanSettingID>...
Run multiple settings. Separate their names with a semicolon.
Discovery.exe -rs <IP-Address>
Run a manual scan against a single address.
Discovery.exe -stsc
Check and run reached scheduled scan settings
Discovery.exe -stad
Starts collecting data from available Discovery agents
Discovery.exe -v
Shows the version number of the Discovery tool
Discovery.exe -l
Start a scan of the Local System, this will use the Credentials of the logged on user
Discovery.exe -i
*Installing the Discovery tool as a Service
Discovery.exe -u 
*Uninstalling the Discovery tool Service
Discovery.exe -lu <Key>
Update the Discovery license via CLI
Discovery.exe -resetpassword
Reset your password, if you forgot it. (Important: Your encrypted credential-store will be deleted!)
Discovery.exe -z
Start package result data (if required) and transport them with the configured settings

*Only available by using the Discovery tool on a Windows Environment.

Configure scan settings

Run "Discovery -s" to configure the Discovery tool Settings. Once you do, you will see scan settings divided into tabs. Check the following pages for details:

Last modified on Oct 27, 2022

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