Automatically linking issues just got that much easier

Our customers create a lot of issues with Automation for Jira! Often these issues need to be linked to keep things organized in your Jira instance. So far linking issues has involved using the dreaded Advanced block and some ugly JSON incantation to link two issues. 

Well no more! We’ve just shipped a new action and simple field to make linking issues a breeze!

Automatically link issue keys entered into comments (and other fields)!

Together with our existing string functions it’s now incredibly easy to define an automation rule to create issue links for any issue key entered into a comment:

This example is used in our support project to link any public issue the support request. You could also use the more generic regex of ([A-Z]+-\d+) to match any issue key in a comment and link it. The result — no more manual issue linking required:

As I mentioned you can also link issues now when you create, edit and transition issues just like you can in Jira. Just make sure the “Link issues” field is on the appropriate screen in Jira! We hope you enjoy this little feature!

Last modified on Apr 21, 2021

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