Viewing a plan's build information

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A plan defines everything about your continuous integration build process in Bamboo.

To view information about a plan:

  1. Navigate to the desired plan, as follows:
    • If you are viewing the Dashboard, locate and select the plan's name in the list, or
    • If you are viewing a job or build result, select the plan's name in the breadcrumb links at the top of the screen.
  2. Select a tab to view information about the plan:

Plan summaryInformation about the plan, as shown in the diagram below.
Recent failuresInformation about recent failures of the plan, including the builds that failed, links to the build results, time taken to fix, etc.
HistoryThe full history of builds of the plan.
TestsA summary of the 10 most frequently broken tests.

View the Jira issues linked to builds of your plan.  (You will only see this if your administrator has integrated Bamboo with Jira.)

Use the Actions menu to access functions for the plan, such as Disable plan and Configure plan. (This menu is only displayed if you are an administrator for the plan.)

  1. Navigation: Select the project to view a summary of its plans.
  2. Tabs: View further details for the plan.
  3. Current activity and recent history: See whether the plan is building. Shows results for the ten most recent plan builds. Select a build number to view that build result.
  4. Plan status: Icons show if the plan is building and the status of recent builds. Select an icon to see the build result.
  5. Run menu: Select options for running the plan, e.g., run a parameterized build.
  6. Actions menu: E.g., Configure plan or Disable plan.
  7. Statistics and charts: For the build history of the plan.
Last modified on Jan 19, 2024

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