Using the Bamboo dashboard

The dashboard is your Bamboo 'home' page. The dashboard has three tabs:

  • My Bamboo— a convenient summary of information that is relevant to you (only appears if you have logged in to Bamboo):
  • All build plans — a list of plans and each plan's latest build result.
  • Build Activity — Bamboo's agents and build queue, showing which plans Bamboo is currently building and which plans are waiting to be built.

You can return to the dashboard from anywhere in Bamboo by clicking Dashboard in the top navigation menu.

Viewing the dashboard

You can:

The icon next to a build number indicates the plan's current status:

 This plan's latest build was successful.

 This plan's latest build failed.

 Bamboo is currently checking-out the source-code for this plan, in preparation for starting a build.

 Bamboo is currently queuing a build for this plan in the Build Queue.

 Bamboo is currently executing a build for this plan.

 The plan is stopped at a manual stage.

 The plan was not built, perhaps because the build was manually stopped.

 This plan has been disabled.

Screenshot: Bamboo dashboard - 'Build > All build plans" tab

All build plans section in Bamboo

Filtering the plans

You can filter the plans on your dashboard by projects, labels or favourite plans (available in Bambo 6.10.5, 7.0.3, and later). For instructions on how to add a label to a plan, see Working with labels.

To filter the dashboard plans 

  1. In the build dashboard, click the  button.
  2. In the Personal filter dialog, choose your filtering criteria:
    • filter by favorite plans (available in Bambo 6.10.5, 7.0.3, and later)
    • filter by projects and labels 
  3. Click Save and apply.
    The dashboard will refresh, showing only plans that match your filtering criteria.

Screenshot: Filtering plans on a dashboard

Personal filter details in Bamboo

Working with favorites

The My Bamboo tab lists your favorite plans — that is, the plans you work with the most. You can easily add and remove plans from your favorites.

When you add a plan to your favorites, you become a 'watcher' of the plan. This means that you will receive notifications about the build results for your favorite plans, depending on how your administrator has configured each plan's notifications. You can receive notifications by email, Instant Messaging (IM) and RSS feed.

To add a plan to your favorites:

  1. Select Dashboard in the top navigation bar to display the dashboard.
  2. Select the All Plans tab. This will display a list of all plans in your Bamboo system.
  3. Locate the plan and select the grey star icon at the right.

Last modified on Aug 10, 2021

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