Pattern matching reference

Bamboo supports a powerful type of regular expression for matching files and directories (as with pattern matching in Apache Ant).

These expressions use the following wildcards:

Matches one character (any character except path separators)
*Matches zero or more characters (not including path separators)
**Matches zero or more path segments.

Remember that Ant globs match paths, not just simple filenames.

  • If the pattern does not start with a path separator i.e. / or \, then the pattern is considered to start with /**/.
  • If the pattern ends with / then ** is automatically appended.
  • A pattern can contain any number of wild cards.

Also see the Ant documentation.


*.txt Matches /foo.txt and /bar.txt but not /foo.txt or /bar.txt
/*.txtMatches /foo.txt but not /bar/foo.txt

dir1/file.txtMatches /dir1/file.txt/dir3/dir1/file.txt and /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt
**/dir1/file.txtMatches /dir1/file.txt/dir3/dir1/file.txt and /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt
 /**/dir1/file.txtMatches /dir1/file.txt/dir3/dir1/file.txt and /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt
/dir3/**/dir1/file.txtMatches /dir3/dir1/file.txt and /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt but not /dir3/file.txt,/dir1/file.txt
/dir1/**Matches all files under /dir1/

Last modified on Jun 24, 2021

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