Contributing to the Bamboo documentation

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Ask the community

Would you like to share your Bamboo hints, tips and techniques with us and with other Bamboo users? We welcome your contributions.

Blogging your technical tips and guides

Have you written a blog post describing a specific configuration of Bamboo or a neat trick that you have discovered? Let us know, and we will link to your blog from our documentation.

Contributing documentation in other languages

Have you written a guide to Bamboo in a language other than English, or translated one of our guides? Let us know, and we will link to your guide from our documentation.

Updating the documentation Itself

Have you found a mistake in the documentation, or do you have a small addition that would be so easy to add yourself rather than asking us to do it? You can update the documentation page directly

Getting permission to update the documentation

Please submit the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement.

Our style guide

Please read our short guidelines for authors.

How we manage community updates

Here is a quick guide to how we manage community contributions to our documentation and the copyright that applies to the documentation:

  • Monitoring by technical writers. The Atlassian technical writers monitor the updates to the documentation spaces, using RSS feeds and watching the spaces. If someone makes an update that needs some attention from us, we will make the necessary changes.
  • Wiki permissions. We use wiki permissions to determine who can edit the documentation spaces. We ask people to sign the Atlassian Contributor License Agreement (ACLA) and submit it to us. That allows us to verify that the applicant is a real person. Then we give them permission to update the documentation.
  • Copyright. The Atlassian documentation is published under a Creative Commons CC BY license. Specifically, we use a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. This means that anyone can copy, distribute and adapt our documentation provided they acknowledge the source of the documentation. The CC BY license is shown in the footer of every page, so that anyone who contributes to our documentation knows that their contribution falls under the same copyright.

Last modified on Jan 14, 2014

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