AWS account for Bamboo

Create and configure your AWS (Amazon Web Services) account for smooth Elastic Bamboo setup and maintenance.


AWS account required

CloudnoRuns builds on local agents and/or in cloud (with Elastic Bamboo)
ServernoRuns builds on local agents and/or in cloud (with Elastic Bamboo)

Creating AWS accounts

You can create an AWS root account on

Cost management

The cost of all Amazon Web Services usage is billed to your AWS account, separately from your Atlassian subscription. It means that you are responsible for all AWS usage costs incurred on your AWS account.

You can check the current AWS cost in AWS Billing & Cost Management in the AWS management console. For more information, see What is AWS Billing and Cost Management?

The AWS account billing doesn't distinguish between your Bamboo EC2 usage and your other (non-Bamboo) EC2 usage.


We respect different ways in which you might want to structure your working environment. However, we thought we'd let you know what is important from our perspective.

IAM (AWS Identity and Access Management)

For security reasons, Atlassian recommends using IAM for user and access key management. For more information, see IAM Best Practices and IAM Users and Groups.


  • Bamboo uses access keys for authorization
  • Lost access keys? You must generate a new key set in the AWS account console. For more information, see How Do I Get Security Credentials?


Last modified on May 26, 2016

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