Getting started with Bamboo

This page describes how to install, set up, and start using Bamboo.

If you're upgrading Bamboo, read the Bamboo upgrade guide instead of this page.

For production installs we recommend that you read Bamboo best practice - system requirements. 

Atlassian Bamboo is a continuous integration (CI) and deployment server. Bamboo assists software development teams by providing:

  • automated building and testing of software source-code status.
  • updates on successful and failed builds.
  • reporting tools for statistical analysis.

Please see the following pages for information about getting started with Bamboo: 

1. Install and start Bamboo  

See one of:

Once it's started, you can access Bamboo in your browser at http://localhost:8085/.

2. Set up notifications

Bamboo can send build result notifications using:

3. Get building with Bamboo

Bamboo has the concept of a 'plan' to look after the configuration for a build. So, to run your first build, you create and run a plan:

Last modified on May 13, 2019

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