Connect Bamboo to an H2 database

To resolve several security vulnerabilities, the JDBC driver for the H2 database is no longer bundled with Bamboo. If you want to evaluate Bamboo without connecting it to an external database, use the instructions on this page to install the H2 database driver.

  • The H2 database is for evaluation purposes only and isn't meant for use in production instances.
  • Atlassian still provides the H2 database for plugin developers through the Atlassian Maven Plugin Suite (AMPS).

Before you begin

Stop Bamboo before installing the H2 JDBC driver.


To connect Bamboo to the H2 database engine:

  1. Go to the H2 database downloads page and download the binary JAR file.
    The downloaded file will contain the current version of the H2 database engine in its name. For example, h2-2.2.224.jar.
  2. Move or copy the downloaded binary JAR file to <BAMBOO_INSTALL_DIR>/lib, where <BAMBOO_INSTALL_DIR> is the Bamboo installation directory.
  3. If you stopped Bamboo while the setup wizard was running, delete the contents of the Bamboo home directory (but not the directory itself) and run the setup wizard from the beginning. Otherwise, simply restart Bamboo.
Last modified on Jan 4, 2024

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