Stash 2.0 release notes

4th December 2012

Meet the Enterprise-ready Stash 2.0 – Powered by Git. Controlled by You.

Imagine all the flexibility of Git with the control needed in the Enterprise. That's Stash 2.0. It comes packed with a heap of features including the highly anticipated branch permissions, @mentions, markdown support and a number of great improvements to pull requests. Additionally Stash 2.0 has been tested in very large environments to ensure you nail the landing of Git in your enterprise.

Branch permissions

Per-branch "write" permissions for individuals and groups ensure that stable branches remain stable, and development branches foster collaboration. It's a whole new level of Enterprise security.

Some development workflows require that specific developers oversee merges into the master or release branches, while other developers work on bug-fix and feature branches. Branch Permissions let you turn this "gentlemen's agreement" into a seamless, enforceable process, reducing confusion and time wasted backing out changes that were merged prematurely.

Read more about branch permissions in Stash.

Advanced branch permissions

Advanced Branch Permissions allow you to specify a pattern that is matched against branches and tags being pushed to Stash. This allows you to restrict pushes to multiple branches without the overhead of configuring them individually. Establishing naming conventions based on roles or functional areas (ie, "contractor_" or "userauth_") makes it even easier to set and standardize permissions throughout your organization.


Branch Permissions can act as a "GateKeeper", allowing you to select a person who is responsible for ensuring that all the code going into production has been properly tested and reviewed. The integration with Pull Requests ensures that only the GateKeepers can merge the changes into the branch you are protecting.


Now you can use 'mentions' to notify another Stash user about the pull request descriptions and comments you are writing. When you mention a user, Stash sends them an email notification, to help streamline communication between your team members.

You can use mentions when writing pull request comments – simply start typing '@' and then the users name, and choose from the list that Stash offers. You can use quotes for unusual names, for example if it has spaces.

Markdown support

Stash now gives you a boost with support for markdown in comments and descriptions. Bring your words to life and get your point across quickly.

  • Emphasize parts of your comment or create lists to bring your points across.
  • Share links to requirements and issues related to the feature you are implementing.
  • Provide code examples, formatted just like in your IDE.
  • Include screenshots into the discussion for any UI focused features.

Read more about Markdown support in Stash.


Improved Pull Requests

Beyond @Mentions and Markdown support, Stash 2.0 features a huge number of improvements to Pull Requests.

Improved Diff view 

The Diff view in Pull Requests has been engineered to maximize the available screen real-estate when reviewing a Pull Request. The file header and tree navigation now stalk to provide an almost full screen experience without having to switch into a special mode. 


Faster page load times & keyboard shortcuts

The Pull Request tabs have been revamped to make them a whole lot faster to load and with the new keyboard shortcuts (1, 2, 3) it's also a whole lot faster to navigate between the tabs.

Comment indicators

With comment indicators on the filenames, it is now much easier to identify where the discussions are happening when in the Diff view.


New Comments are highlighted 

New comments that have been added since your last visit are now highlighted in yellow, making it much easier to follow the conversation on the Pull Request overview.  


Read more about Pull Requests in Stash.



Enterprise licenses

From growing startups to the Fortune 100, Atlassian Enterprise offers products and services that are built to match the needs of the largest enterprise customers. With the new Enterprise tiers for Stash, Atlassian has you covered no matter how big your organization is. And of course, just like JIRA and Confluence, the Stash Enterprise licenses come with 24x7 Personalized Phone Support. 


The Stash 2.0 team


Core team

Adam Ahmed
Bryan Turner
Charles O'Farrell
Jason Hinch
Jonathan Poh
Kostya Marchenko
Michael McGlynn
Michael Studman
Pierre-Etienne Poirot
Thomas Bright
Tim Pettersen
Xu-Heng Tjhin

Team leads

Matt Watson
Seb Ruiz


Michael Heemskerk

Product development lead

Stefan Saasen

Project manager

Anton Mazkovoi


Ajay Sridhar
Armen Khachatryan
Daniel Rohan
Douglas Fabretti
Felipe Kraemer
Gurleen Anand
Renan Battaglin
Rene Verschoor
Zed Yap


Product management

Jens Schumacher

Design and user experience

Matt Bond

Product marketing

Giancarlo Lionetti
Jeff Park

Technical writing

Paul Watson


James Fleming

Providing feedback:

Please log your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing, and are much appreciated!

See the changelog for Stash 2.0.x minor releases.

Last modified on May 26, 2016

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