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To cancel your Atlassian Cloud evaluation or subscription, follow one of the procedures below:

If you're already logged in to your Cloud site:

  1. Choose 
    > Site administration, then choose Billing under Subscriptions & Billing
  2. Choose Manage subscriptions.
  3. Choose Cancel subscription for the one you want to cancel and follow the prompts on the screen.

If you're not logged in to your Cloud site:

  1. Log in to (you'll arrive on the Licenses page by default).
  2. Click the '+' sign of your Atlassian Cloud subscription (the account management pane will display).
  3. Click the Cancel Subscription link to request cancellation of your account.

If you'd like a backup of the data in your Atlassian Cloud site, see Import and export data.

Your Atlassian Cloud subscription will be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle and your credit card won't be charged again. No credit is offered for canceling an account prior to the end of a billing cycle.

Recover a site that's been canceled 

Once your site has been deactivated (i.e. your site has been taken offline), you have two weeks to pay your outstanding quote or contact Atlassian to have the site restored before your data will be permanently deleted.

If you need to reactivate your Cloud subscription for any reason, let us know. Note that data backups for permanently deleted instances can sometimes be retrieved with our Support team within the first month after your instance has been deleted.

Cancel Atlassian Access

For details about how to cancel just your Atlassian Access subscription, and not your Atlassian Cloud subscription, see Unsubscribe from Atlassian Access.

Last modified on Jan 11, 2019

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