What is a space?

Spaces are Confluence's way of organizing content into meaningful categories. Think of it like having different folders into which you can put your work.

Spaces come in two main varieties:

  • Site spaces – These spaces are found in the Space Directory and are the areas where you create content and collaborate with others. They are sometimes called global spaces.
  • Personal spaces – Every Confluence user can set up a personal space which they can keep private or make public so others can view and edit. Personal spaces are listed in the People Directory and found under your personal profile.

How do I use a space?

Create as many spaces as you need to get things done:

  • Team spaces – Give each team (QA, HR, Engineering, Support, ...) their own space so they can focus and make their information easier for everyone to find.
  • Project spaces – Put all the information related to your project in one place. This allows everyone to work together in Confluence instead of emailing back and forth.
  • Personal space – Store everything you're working on individually, keep your to-do lists, and polish any content before you move it into another shared space.

Stay up to date with spaces

Administer spaces
If you have admin permissions for a space you can:

Space Permissions
Some things we should make clear about space admin permissions:

  • The person who creates a space automatically has admin permissions for that space.
  • Space admins can grant admin permissions to others.
  • Space admins don't have to be Confluence admins and can have special permissions for a single space. For example, you are the admin for your personal space, no matter what kind of access you have anywhere else.



Last modified on Jul 29, 2022

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