Info, Tip, Note, and Warning Macros

Add an Info, Tip, Note, or Warning macro to your page to make important information stand out. The macro is used to format your text in a colored panel. 

As the names suggest, these macros are great for:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Warnings
  • Important notes and other info.

You can configure this macro with or without the icon and title. 

On this page:

Screenshot: examples of the Info, Note, Tip, and Warning macros on a page

Want more control over the color of the boxes? Try the Panel Macro.

Add this macro to your page

To add the Info, Tip, Note, or Warning macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose either Info, Tip, Note, or Warning from the Formatting categories.
  3. Enter a title for the panel.
  4. Choose Insert

You can then publish your page to see the macro in action.  

Screenshot: The Info, Tip, Note, and Warning macros in the editor. 

Change the macro parameters

Macro parameters are used to change the behaviour of a macro.

To change the macro parameters:

  1. In the editor, click the macro placeholder and choose Edit.
  2. Update the parameters as required then choose Insert.

Here's a list of the parameters available in this macro. 




Optional Title


The title of the box. If specified, the title text will be displayed in bold next to the icon.

Show information/tip/Exclamation Mark/Warning Icon


If "false", the icon will not be displayed.

Other ways to add this macro

Add this macro as you type

Type followed by the start of the macro name, to see a list of macros. 

Add this macro using wiki markup

This is useful when you want to add a macro outside the editor, for example as custom content in the sidebar, header or footer of a space.

Macro name: info/tip/note/warning

Macro body: Accepts rich text.

{info:title=This is my title|icon=false}
This is _important_ information.

Using Confluence Cloud? Head to Add formatting to your page if your info panel looks more like the one below.

Last modified on Nov 29, 2022

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