How-To Article Blueprint

The How-To Article blueprint helps you to provide step-by-step guidance for completing a task.

To create a How-To Article page:

  1. Choose Create from template   in the Confluence header
  2. Select How-To Article and hit Next
  3. Enter the article name and some labels and hit Create

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If you want to quickly create a blank page, hit the Create button in the header; if you want to create a page from a template, hit the Create from template button.

  1. Create blank page
  2. Create from template

Screenshot: A blank How-To Article page showing instructional text


Once you save your page, Confluence will create an index page and add a shortcut to your space sidebar. The index lists all the How-To Article pages in that space, and displays a summary of the information on each page (such as creator and modified).



The How-To Article blueprint uses some cool Confluence features: 

Customizing this blueprint

You can customize the templates used by the How-To Article blueprint - see Customizing the blueprint templates. For example, you might choose to edit the How-to index page in a space to change the columns displayed by the Page Properties Report macro.

You can also edit the page template to add headings or instructional text to the background section, or even add rows to the Page Properties macro. For example, a row for the date the How-To Article was created.

See Instructional text to find out more about using instructional text in templates.

Last modified on Jul 6, 2023

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