Team Calendars

Team Calendars for Confluence is now part of Confluence Data Center
To get access to the features described on this page upgrade to Confluence Data Center 7.11 or later. Can’t upgrade yet? Depending on your current Data Center version, you can access these features by installing the latest version of the app (
at no cost). See our FAQ for all the details

Team Calendars provides one place for fast-moving teams working in Confluence to connect their schedules of leave, Jira projects and events, or whatever use case your team has.

Create, organize, and find events easily. Team Calendars offers great tools for planning and managing your events, whether they're travel, conferences, birthdays, or JIRA issues and sprints. 

Calendar subscriptions provide a simple and effective way to stay up to date with holidays, conferences, and more. 

You can subscribe to team calendars from many of your your favourite third-party calendar apps:

Alternatively, subscribe to a third-party calendar in Team Calendars:

Last modified on Feb 8, 2024

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