Java crashing with no messages in logs

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Platform Notice: Server and Data Center Only. This article only applies to Atlassian products on the server and data center platforms.


  • JVM crashes without appropriate logging in the application logs

The following appears in the /var/log/messages:

/var/log/messages:Jun 25 03:33:13 wiki1 kernel: java[8353]: segfault at 0000000045f79fd8 rip 00002ad5878d6943 rsp 0000000045f79fd0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 14:17:31 wiki1 kernel: java[13422]: segfault at 00000000445f2ff8 rip 00002aaab94ae5da rsp 00000000445f3000 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 16:07:47 wiki1 kernel: java[781]: segfault at 0000000044df9fb8 rip 00002b2cef31b943 rsp 0000000044df9fb0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 16:28:22 wiki1 kernel: java[10658]: segfault at 0000000043580fc8 rip 00002b164fb38943 rsp 0000000043580fc0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 16:44:41 wiki1 kernel: java[19558]: segfault at 00000000445a8fe8 rip 00002aaab94ae5bd rsp 00000000445a8fd0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 16:57:10 wiki1 kernel: java[30933]: segfault at 00000000405aeff8 rip 00002b48ee3e3943 rsp 00000000405aeff0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 22:05:14 wiki1 kernel: java[5297]: segfault at 0000000043b1dfb8 rip 00002b6913edf943 rsp 0000000043b1dfb0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 22:19:27 wiki1 kernel: java[14061]: segfault at 0000000046303ff8 rip 00002aaab94ae5da rsp 0000000046304000 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 25 22:46:50 wiki1 kernel: java[26426]: segfault at 0000000044d84ff8 rip 00000035b020dc90 rsp 0000000044d85000 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 26 14:15:38 wiki1 kernel: java[10502]: segfault at 0000000045a59fd8 rip 00002ae135061503 rsp 0000000045a59fd0 error 6
/var/log/messages:Jun 26 17:54:04 wiki1 kernel: java[30021]: segfault at 00000000475e6fb8 rip 00002b09078b3503 rsp 00000000475e6fb0 error 6


JVM dies without relevant errors in the application server logs. Segfault errors may show in the system level logging as shown above.

Only reported in 64bit JVM


There is a bug in Oracle's JDK. Stack overflows in Java code cause 64-bit JVMs to exit due to SIGSEGV. This has been reported back to version 1.6.0_24.

Link to Oracle bug report


  1. Upgrade java to 1.6.0_34 or later

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    The JAVA Upgrade may not resolve the JVM crash issue. It will log more information in the application logs for root cause analysis.

Last modified on Nov 14, 2018

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