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Cycle time is the time spent working on an issue — typically, the time taken from when work begins on an issue to when work is completed, but also includes any other time spent working on the issue. For example, if an issue is reopened, worked on, and completed again, then the time for this extra work is added to the cycle time.


See Viewing the Control Chart for information about how the cycle time is calculated on the Control Chart.

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  1. How is work Begun and Completed defined here? i.e what if my Workflow doesn't start with Open and end with Closed?

  2. I have the same question. I wish there was more information on how Cycle time is calculated. 

  3. In JIRA land, "Completed" likely means "Resolved" (which also includes "Closed", unless you have somehow managed to mess with the workflows at a lower level).

    "Begins" is still ambiguous in general.  In terms of the Control Chart, cycle time would cover whatever statuses/columns you choose to include in the time calculation.


  4. Do you have anywhere an option to see mean cycle time per story point? The issues are very different in size and having this option could really help estimations for kanban.

    1. Hi Uri,


      I have asked myself the same question and adopted the way Dan Radigan [Atlassian] has described it in his article from earlier this year:


      Scroll down to section 3. - "Make better estimates" and you will (probably) find the answer you're looking for.  


      Hope this helps!

  5. Hi y'all,


    Maybe asking a blatantly obvious question here - hope someone can answer this for me (perhaps Dan Radigan [Atlassian] knows? ;o):


    when I'm looking at - let's say - an average cycle time of 

    1w 1d 5h

    does this mean: 1w = 7d x 24h (i.e. 168h)

    or is it always referring to working days & hours: 1w = 5d x 8h (i.e. 40h)






    1. Hi Marcus,

      I've clarified this on the Control Chart documentation (see second last question). In summary, 1w represents 7 days and 1d represents 24 hours.

      Kind regards,

      1. But usually a work day is only 8 hours right? So isn't the cycle time in hours a bit over inflated?

  6. So how do I see cycle time by story size (averaging all stories regardless of size doesn't mean much if you are trying to get better with sizing) and also by assignee?