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The velocity of a team is a measure of how much work that the team can handle within a specific time period, i.e. how much of the product backlog can be completed by the team in a sprint. Velocity can be calculated on the basis of story points, business value, hours, issue count, or any numeric field of your choice (see Configuring Estimation and Tracking).


Screenshot: Velocity Chart (click to enlarge)


The velocity can be estimated as the average, over several recent sprints, of the sum of the estimates for the amount of work completed by a team per sprint — so in the chart above, the velocity = (37 + 47 + 50 +57) / 4 = 48. A team's recent velocity can be useful in helping to predict how much work can be completed by the team in a future sprint.


See Viewing the Velocity Chart.

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  1. I have some problems with calculating average velocity. Case:

    In Sprint 1 we take story with 21 s.p.. At the end of sprint we didn't finish story, so "Completed"=0. At sprint 2 we re-estimate story to 13 s.p (part of work we done, so estimate decrease). Again we didn't finish story and "Completed"=0. At sprint 3 we re-estimate story to 3 and finish it in sprint, so Completed=3.

    So velocity in JIRA = 1 s.p. per sprint (3 s.p/3 sprints), but in fact real velocity must be 7 s.p. per sprint. With wich tools we can calculate real velocity?