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Oops, this page should redirect to Link Atlassian applications to work together.



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  1. This information is confusing. I finally figured it out, but, needs specific examples for how to get to the place to create an entity link for each of the applications.  Also need information on what this means if I link a Confluence space to a JIRA project for instance - what new capabilities are now available?. 

  2. Same question there.

    From entity to application link, JIRA version a lot of things has changed

  3. That would definitely be helpful.  Same question as Bob.  I've got the links set up between Jira Project and Confluence space, but I don't know how to now easily add a link to a page within that confluence space.

    Will someone from atlassian please enlighten us?

  4. It would be useful if information is provided on linking the space created in confluence with applications created using Adobe Air. 

    Is it possible to link the confluence project with other application set up using the Application Link feature? 

  5. ??? Too bad nobody from Atlassian has answered on what is the usability.

  6. Exactly the same question like all above, what does this integration provides? I see a document at Application Links Documentation but the methods described in that document like linking Issues using JRA-1234 no longer work, may be because that version was released in 18th century. I don't see the similar documentation for the latest version. 

  7. Anonymous

    Is it possible to create an entity link between a JIRA Component and a FishEye repository?