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Page: After editing bamboo.cfg.xml Bamboo won't start up Page: Bamboo 2.7 Upgrade Fails due to Upgradetask 2019 and 2030 Page: Bamboo 3.2 to 4.0 Upgrade Fails Page: Bamboo 3.2 Upgrade Fails on UAL Upgrade Task Page: Bamboo doesn't start up after upgrading - Null value was assigned to a property of primitive type Page: Bamboo doesn't start up - Unable to bootstrap Bamboo Page: Bamboo pre 3.3 fails after upgrading to Java 1.7 Page: Bamboo upgrade fails due to markedForDeletion column being null Page: Bootstrap fails when checking bundled plugins after an upgrade Page: Cannot edit Source Repositories after OnDemand Bamboo upgrade Page: Error when upgrading Bamboo from 2.7.X or older versions to 4.4.X Page: Exceptions when viewing a plan's repository settings Page: java.sql.SQLException ORA-00942 table or view does not exist Page: Page layout is broken after upgrading to Bamboo 5 Page: Plan initialization fails during start-up due to failed deletion Page: Project page layout is broken showing multiple configure buttons Page: Relative paths in remote agent capabilities are incorrectly referenced to agent's directory after upgrade Page: Remote Agent Classloading doesn't work on Bamboo 3.3 Page: Upgrade to Bamboo 2.6 Fails on PostgreSQL Server due to Error 'Zero bytes may not occur in string parameters' Page: Upgrading Atlassian Bamboo - Video Tutorial Page: Upgrading Bamboo with MySQL database fails with messages like "specified key was too long" Page: Upgrading to Bamboo 1.2.1 on Tomcat 5