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The CrowdID 'Login' page allows you to reset your password. This is useful when you have forgotten the password. Crowd will send you an email message containing a unique, randomly-generated URL. When you click the link on that URL, you will go to a screen where you can choose your own new password.

This will reset your password across all applications that are connected to Crowd.

To reset your password,

  1. Access CrowdID.
  2. The CrowdID login page will appear. Click the link labelled 'Can't access your account?'.
  3. The 'Help! I forgot my login details' screen appears. Select the option labelled 'I have forgotten my password'.
  4. A panel opens where you can enter your username. Enter your Crowd username and click the 'Continue' button.
  5. You will receive an email message containing a link to a unique, randomly-generated URL. This link remains available for 24 hours. Click the link in the email message or copy the URL to your browser address bar.
  6. The 'Reset Password' screen appears. Change your password to one you can remember easily.

The password reset email will contain a link based on the crowd.server.url from the file. If the public address is different you may set crowd.base.url.