(info) With Crowd comes CrowdID, your OpenID provider.

CrowdID is an Atlassian product which allows you to use a single login for all OpenID-enabled websites.

This means that you don't have to remember a separate username and password for each different site that you visit. You can just use your OpenID for all of them.

You can use CrowdID if your administrator has installed it for your organisation.

For instructions on setting up CrowdID, please see the CrowdID Administration Guide.

The CrowdID User Guide tells you how to

  • Log in to websites using CrowdID.
  • Instruct CrowdID to always allow login to a specific site.
  • Set up your own profile(s) within CrowdID.
  • Use CrowdID to change your password.
Contents of the CrowdID User Guide