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Page: JIRA Upgrade from Versions 3.9 or Below Fails due to Database Schema Change Page: 'Disabling Indexing' or 'Cannot Create Directory' Errors Appear When Upgrading JIRA Page: JIRA Functionality Fails due to The Project argument and its backing generic value must not be null Error Page: JIRA Upgrade Fails with Invalid Column Name Error Page: 'The project you are trying to view does not exist' Error Message Due to Project Key Pattern Page: JIRA Fails to Start Due to 'Class org.apache.commons.logging.impl.SLF4JLogFactory does not implement org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory' Page: How to resolve JIRA Subversion Plugin Errors after an upgrade Page: NoClassDefFoundError when Upgrading to JIRA 4 EAR or WAR Version Page: NullPointerException on the Dashboard after an Upgrade Page: SSL Does Not Work after upgrading to JIRA 4.1 or Later Page: Unable to Add New Project After Upgrade to JIRA 4.4 Page: Unable to Start JIRA when Running with Confluence or Crowd in the Same Application Server Container Page: Unable to View Screens in Project Administration Due to java.lang.NullPointerException Page: Upgrade Fails Due to 'Content is not allowed in prolog' Error Page: Upgrade to JIRA 4.3.1+ Fails with 'Unprocessed Continuation Reference' Error Page: Upgrading JIRA Breaks Subtasks Page: After upgrade to JIRA 5, Activity Stream or Gadgets no longer work Page: Cannot log into JIRA after successful upgrade from 4.4.5 to 5.1.8 - NoSuchMethodError Page: Can't login after restoring a backup Page: Upgrading JIRA with the installer throws NullPointerException Page: JIRA Build and Version Numbers Reference Page: JIRA Upgrade or Startup failed due to UnsupportedOperationException Page: After upgrading to version 2.13 or higher, the Universal Plugin Manager disappears from JIRA Page: Upgrade Failed Due to 'The home directory cannot be a sub-directory of the installation directory. Aborting the upgrade error...' Page: Edit or Update Issue results in a NullPointerException Page: Greenhopper upgrade fails with error "Unable to transform xml of property" Page: Upgrading JIRA by migrating to a separate instance - Video Tutorial Page: After upgrade JIRA shows 500 error page with message User has no unique key mapping Page: Upgrading JIRA fails with nullPointerException Page: Error Creating Issue: Property '<name>' not found. Page: JIRA returns 404 Error when searching for issues