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This page describes the additional software and infrastructure you'll need to run Confluence. Please review this info before installing Confluence. The information on this page applies to 

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  • You should only use Confluence with a supported platform. Any platforms and versions not listed on this page are unsupported, which means we don't test, fix bugs or provide assistance. 
  • See End of Support Announcements for Confluence for upcoming changes to supported platforms.
  • Go to 

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     to check your instance health. It looks at things like your license validity, Tomcat version, basic database setup and more. 


(tick) Supported - you can use 

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 with this platform.

(info) Limited - you can evaluate Confluence on this platform, but you can't use it to run a production Confluence site. 

(warning) Deprecated - support for this platform will end in an upcoming release. See End of Support Announcements for Confluence.


Desktop browsers

(tick) Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

(tick) Chrome

(tick) Firefox

(tick) Safari (Mac only)

Mobile browsers

(tick) Chrome

(tick) Firefox

(tick) Safari (iOS only)

(tick) Android WebView

Mobile operating system 
(required for mobile app)

(tick) iOS 11 or later

(tick) Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later

Good to know:

  • The Confluence setup wizard requires Javascript to be enabled while installing Confluence. Learn more
  • Parts of Confluence won't display correctly if your browser window size is less than 1024x768. 
  • Although some supported browsers may allow you to enable Adobe Flash in their advanced settings, we recommend leaving Flash disabled, as enabling it may expose you to security vulnerabilities.

Operating systems

Operating systems

(tick) Microsoft Windows

(tick) Linux (most distributions)

(info) MacOS / OSX (evaluation only)

Known issues:

  • The following operating system variants can't be used with Confluence:
    • Windows Nano
    • Alpine Linux (3.5 and earlier)

Good to know:

  • You can run Confluence on 32bit or 64bit operating systems, but we only provide installers for 64bit operating systems. 
  • You can evaluate Confluence on MacOS / OSX, but you can't install and run your production Confluence site on a Mac. 



(warning) PostgreSQL 10

(tick) PostgreSQL 11

Amazon Aurora 
(Data Center only)

(warning) PostgreSQL 10

(tick) PostgreSQL 11

Azure PostgreSQL 
(Data Center only)

(warning) PostgreSQL 10

(tick) PostgreSQL 11


(tick) MySQL 5.7

(tick) MySQL 8 


(tick) Oracle 12c Release 2

(tick) Oracle 19c

Microsoft SQL Server

(warning) SQL Server 2016

(tick) SQL Server 2017

(tick) SQL Server 2019

(tick) Azure SQL

Embedded database

(info) H2 (Data Center testing installations only)

Known issues:

  • Confluence will not work on MySQL variants such as:
  • Confluence can become unresponsive with Oracle's Native Network Encryption - see CONFSERVER-60152 for mitigation options.
  • Confluence requires Service Pack 1 or later for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 - see CONFSERVER-61145.

Good to know:

  • The embedded H2 database is only supported for testing and app development purposes on non-clustered (single node) Confluence Data Center installations
  • You can use Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS) for the supported databases listed on this page. 
  • The only supported Amazon Aurora config is a PostgreSQL-compatible clustered database with one writer replicating to zero or more readers. Learn more


Oracle JRE / JDK

(tick) Java 1.8

(tick) Java 11


(tick) Java 8 (HotSpot)

(tick) Java 11 (HotSpot)

Known issues:

  • There's a known issue with some Java 11 versions and TLS 1.3. We recommend Java 11.0.8 or later. 
  • Some Oracle Java versions have bugs that impact Confluence. You can't run Confluence on Java 1.8.0_25 and 1.8.0_31 (see JDK-8059299) or Java 1.8.0_45 (see JDK-8068400).
  • Some AdoptOpenJDK versions have bugs that impact Confluence. We recommend version jdk8u202 (see CONFSERVER-58784).
  • You can't run Confluence on the OPENJ9 JVM from AdoptOpenJDK. Use the HotSpot JVM. 
  • We use AdoptOpenJDK to replicate issues raised with OpenJDK. If you’re using a different distribution of OpenJDK we’ll still provide support for our products. However, if the bug is caused by a problem in Java distribution, you'll need to contact the Java distributor for help.

Good to know:

  • You don't need to install Java if you plan to use the installer to install Confluence, as a Java 11 JRE is bundled with Confluence (provided by AdoptOpenJDK).
  • See Bundled Tomcat and Java versions to see which Java version was bundled with your Confluence version. 



  • You can't run Confluence on SPARC based hardware. You'll need to use x86 hardware or 64bit derivatives of x86 hardware.
  • You can't use an NFS mount for your installation or home directory due to Lucene requirements. If you're installing Confluence Data Center, an NFS mount is fine for the shared home directory, but not for the local home directories.


  • You can run Confluence and Confluence Data Center in a virtualized environment (including Docker), but our support team can't assist you with problems related to the environment itself. See Running Confluence in a Virtualized Environment  
  • Our support team can assist you with deploying Confluence Data Center in AWS using the Cloud Formation Template or Quick Start. We won't be able to assist you if you have significantly customised the Cloud Formation Template. 

Application server:

  • We only support the Tomcat version that is bundled with your Confluence version. You can't run Confluence in your own application server. See Bundled Tomcat and Java versions to see which version of Tomcat was bundled with your Confluence version. 

Internet protocols:

  • You can run Confluence in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments.
  • Raw IPv6 addresses are not always recognized. See the Confluence 6.9 Upgrade Notes for limitations and known issues. 

Operating system support:

  • You should only install and use Confluence on operating system versions that have active vendor support. For example, you can use Confluence on any Microsoft supported version of Windows, unless specified otherwise above. 

For more information see our Server Hardware Requirements Guide and System Requirements

Last modified on Dec 9, 2021

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