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Atlassian enterprise services and support programs help ensure your success at every step along the way.

Included with your Data Center license

Priority Support

To help with your Data Center deployment, we offer free access to Atlassian Priority Support during the first 180 days of your Data Center subscription. This means when you submit a request to Atlassian Support during this time, your ticket will route directly to our senior engineers committed to delivering faster resolutions.

We currently offer this service to customers with a Data Center license for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk or Confluence.

Learn more about Atlassian Priority Support

Customer Success Managers

As a new Data Center customer, you also have access to a Customer Success Manager as an ongoing resource throughout your first year. They can discuss your organization’s goals, help define success criteria, and provide you with the right guidance to help you get up and running quickly.

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Atlassian Community

Find answers, support, and inspiration from other Atlassian users. We recommend joining the Enterprise community group for stories, tips, and best practices for using Atlassian products at scale.

Paid services

Premier Support

Atlassian Premier Support offers our highest level of support, with 24/7 access to a team of dedicated senior support engineers. Premier Support can work hand-in-hand with Technical Account Managers and Solution Partners to save your teams valuable time.

The Premier Support team can also perform health checks by analyzing your application and logs, to help prevent outages and ensure that your deployment fully meets the needs of your users.

Learn more about Atlassian Premier Support

Technical Account Management

Think of a Technical Account Manager as your strategic advisor for all things Atlassian. Backed by the resources of the entire Atlassian organization and armed with best practices, Technical Account Managers help you get the most out of our Data Center products, and your broader Atlassian investment.

Learn more about Technical Account Managers

Solution Partners

Atlassian Solution Partners offer a range of services for enterprises, including system integrations, deployments, migrations, and version upgrades. They’re a great option if your organization has complex requirements, or if you need dedicated, hands-on help with your Data Center deployment.

Visit our Partner Directory to find a partner that’s right for you.

Last modified on May 7, 2020

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