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Atlassian's Fisheye is the on-premise source code repository browser for enterprise teams. It provides your developers with advanced browsing and search for SVN, Git, Mercurial, Perforce and CVS code repositories, from any web browser. 

Browse repos from your browser!

  • SVN, Hg, Git, CVS, P4
  • files, changesets, revisions, branches, tags, diffs, annotations
  • side-by-side diffs
  • unified diffs for word-level changes
  • see details at the repository, branch, directory, or file levels
  • filter commits by  log message, path, author, date, branch

Search everything

  • File names, commit messages, authors, text, Jira issue keys, partial paths, wild cards, camel case
  • QuickNav
  • Simple search
  • Advanced search - SQL-like syntax (EyeQL)
  • Bookmarks any query
  • Download search results
  • Link to any revision, changeset, diff view, line of code, search

Monitor and visualize

  • Understand what, when, where, who, how changes were introduced
  • Commit graph for changesets
  • Activity streams
  • Charts and reports
  • Notifications for code activity byemail, RSS, OpenSocial dashboards

Integrate with Jira and other Atlassian applications

  • See related Jira issues
  • Use smart commits to transition issues
  • Crucible reviews
  • Bamboo builds

Enterprise ready

  • User management and authentication
  • Database support and migration
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Backup and restore


  • Marketplace for add-ons
  • REST API to write your own custom add-ons e.g. to integrate with other applications

Get started!

  1. Install and start Fisheye on either Windows, or Linux and Mac.
  2. Work through Starting to use Fisheye.
  3. Tell Fisheye about your repositories.
  4. Set up users and groups.
Last modified on Oct 29, 2018

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