java.lang.IllegalStateException - ApplicationLink with id '12345a67-bcd8-9012-efg3-4hij5k6lmn7o' not found

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This error is thrown when, for example, you try to delete an Application Link in Fisheye:

2011-11-21 01:39:17,201 INFO  [btpool0-475 ] TotalityFilter-logExceptionDetails - Exception "ApplicationLink with id '12345a67-bcd8-9012-efg3-4hij5k6lmn7o' not found!" (java.lang.IllegalStateException) while processing "/WEB-INF/jsp/crucible/review/monolithic/review.jsp" (Referer:"null")
java.lang.IllegalStateException: ApplicationLink with id '12345a67-bcd8-9012-efg3-4hij5k6lmn7o' not found!
	at com.atlassian.applinks.core.DefaultEntityLinkService.getStoredEntityLinks(
	at com.atlassian.applinks.core.DefaultEntityLinkService.getEntityLinksForKey(
	at com.atlassian.applinks.core.DefaultEntityLinkService.getEntityLinks(


The Application Link configuration inside $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml got messed up in someway.


  1. Shutdown the Fisheye instance;
  2. Create a backup of the file $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml, for safety;
  3. Open the original $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml with a text editor;
  4. Delete all <trustedApplication> elements and their inner elements. More than one may exist. They're listed after the element </currentApplication> and before the element <check-for-updates/>. It should look like:
  5. If running Fisheye/Crucible 3.0.x or older:
    1. Delete all the <property> elements (except the one related to the UPM plugin as it's not related to Application Links) found inside the <properties> element, so it looks like:
      <property name="com.atlassian.upm.log.PluginSettingsAuditLogService:log:upm_audit_log" value="<the_property_value>"/>
    2. Save and close the file 

    If running Fisheye/Crucible 3.1.x or newer:
    1. Application Links properties are now stored in the database (see FE-4754).
    2. Connect to your database and run the following query:

      DELETE from cru_repository_property WHERE cru_property_name LIKE '%applink%' OR cru_property_name LIKE '%oauth%';
    3. Commit changes and disconnect from your database.
  6. Start the Fisheye instance again.
  7. Make sure that no Application Link to Fisheye exist in the other application you're trying to integrate with Fisheye (e.g., JIRA).
  8. Re-create the Application Link from scratch in both sides, following this document (if JIRA is the other application in question).


Last modified on Jul 31, 2018

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