Working in a project

A project in Jira Core is a collection of issues. Your team could use a project to coordinate the development of a product, track a project, manage a help desk, and more, depending on your requirements. A project can also be configured and customized to suit the needs of you and your team. 

This section of the documentation covers working in a project that's already been set up for you.

User profile

Working in a project, and Jira Core in general means you can log in. And if you can log in, you have a profile that you can edit to make sure it's configured how you want it to be configured.

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Viewing a project

Getting to grips with how your project looks and is set up will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

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Working with issues

Issues are the packets of work that need done in a project. Knowing what you can do with them, and how to do it, is the basis of all work in Jira Core.

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Searching for issues

You can't work on issues if you can't find them. Working out what the most effective way to search for issues is, and how to use the powerful advanced search function, will help you always be able to locate your issues when you need them.

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Reporting helps you manage and track your work.

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Gadgets are nifty ways of displaying data about your project and your issues. Setting them up and using the right ones makes sure you always have your stats at hand.

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You can set up dashboards, and share them with team members, so that everyone is viewing the same information on your projects and issues. You can add gadgets to dashboards, and create wallboards which allow you to display your stats anywhere you can connect to.

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Last modified on Nov 15, 2017

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