Clarification on browser support for JIRA 5.2 and beyond

Hi All,
In JIRA  4.4 we introduced the notion of supporting the ' latest' for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
We also stated that we supported specific versions of those browsers that we  tested against, an example below:
However as these browsers are releasing updates quite fast there is no need for us to state which versions we have tested against and also that those versions are explicitly supported, because we ourselves are always using and testing the latest versions.
Therefore in JIRA  5.2 we have removed the  'tested with' portions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari and only state that we support the latest versions of those browsers.
Also in the past we were not clear about which operating systems we support with the Safari web browser. Therefore in JIRA 5.2 we have made it clear that we only support Safari on Mac OS X.

JIRA Product Management
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