How to Change the Assign/Comment Dialog Box Width in JIRA

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Users might find the original width of the Assign/Comment dialog too narrow and makes it hard to read or edit the comments


  • Go to JIRA Administrator > System > Announcement Banner
  • In the Announcement text box, paste the code below and click Set Banner. Please change the values of the width accordingly (the example shown below is 900 pixels wide, % width works as well).

    #assign-dialog /* The "id" of the "Assign" dialog box */
      width: 900px !important;
    #comment-add-dialog /* The "id" of the "Add Comment" dialog box */
      width: 900px !important;
    #edit-comment /* The "id" of the "Edit Comment" dialog box */
      width: 900px !important;

Last modified on Dec 10, 2018

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