Planning work

If you're using the improved planning interface, this page is for you. If you're using live plans, head to Live plans (legacy).

Once your plan is up and running, you're just about ready to plan more work for your teams. Most likely, your plan will already have issues in it, based on the issue sources you've previously selected. You may also need to create more issues as more work comes along.

Note that at any point in time, it's typical to have placeholder estimates, and even skip specifying issue details, like assignees and dates. Your teams can define more accurate values for these details later on.

It's easy to lose focus when you're planning work across multiple projects, releases, teams, and other factors as well. We recommend you filter the work in your plans, so you can focus on specific parts of your work, as needed. See Viewing work for more details.

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Last modified on Feb 1, 2021

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